Our Mission

- Expanding minds
- Developing leaders
- Empowering young women for a global future

Meet the Team

We have a small onsite team here at Girls Own Safari but we are dedicated to providing you the best adventure possible. Here is just a little bit about each of our team members!


Allen Burton

Founder & CEO

Allen is the Bear Grylls of Fiji, building the camp with his own hands just shows the passion he has for this camp. Allen completed his Masters of Education (leadership) at Monash University, he has 10 years of teacher experience in Melbourne, Australia and also has 20 years of corporate travel experience. Allen is your main point of contact for any queries you may have.


Jamie Burton

Head Counsellor, Marketing & Relations

Jamie has always had a passion for adventure and travel, in 2018 she did 5 months in the U.S being a camp counsellor. After that she did a year in London in 2019. Jamie is a keen sports person and has represented Victoria in Water Polo and competed at Australian National Age Championships. Jamie is based in NSW, she will be your Australian representative.


Xena & Zoey

Heads of Security

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Xena and Zoey are two German Shepherds who took the plunge to move to Taveuni to be the Heads of Security at camp. But don't be fooled, they also love their pats. @xena_zoey_fiji_adventures


Want to talk to one of our team members and get more information? Contact us now and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.