The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are essential for all physical life, but it is at least as important for you to have these four elements integrated in your consciousness and your personality.

When all four elements are integrated in your consciousness, it creates a sense of wholeness and balance around your personal aura and when spending time with and working with others personally and professionally.

An insight into the differences between the elements will also help you understand your surroundings better, which will affect your way of communicating and enable you to achieve much better results in your relations with others.

Your personality type indicator is based on the four elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air, which are each present in everyone in different balances and strengths.

Fire represents your personal drive and your inner fire.

Water represents your personal flow and your ability to balance at all levels.

Earth represents your personal expression and the physical environment in your daily life.

Air represents your different kinds of insights from common sense to practical knowledge, human knowledge, your inspiration and creativity, and your vision.

Elements Air


An Air person is a communicator, they are positive and inspiring, change quickly and are adaptable by nature. They are open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental and are good at making people open up to their creativity. They are innovative and outspoken – and often unknowingly opens up to other people’s inner thoughts due to their simple and straightforward approach to things.

Elements Earth


An Earth person is a stable, persevering worker. They are realistic, economical and goal oriented. They judge their environment based on their achievements and they prefer to be judged on their own achievements as well. An Earth person can be very difficult to deal with if the parties disagree. When things are running smoothly, however, an Earth person is easier to communicate with – and may even be optimistic.

Elements Fire


A Fire person is intuitive in a creative way – fast and full of ideas – a contrast to stability, and constantly re-evaluates and reconstructs in an effort to obtain great results. A Fire person gives hope to his or her surroundings and maintains a strong combination of vitality and drive.

Elements Water


Communication, cooperation, flow, intuition, empathy and intimacy are important elements in a Water person's life, which makes them an exceptional participant in creative and process-oriented projects that require a high level of empathy. A Water person likes to share their life experience with others.


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